The Hip Priest Radio Program, Volume 2


1. Fried Smiling – Bob’s Voice Mix 4

2. Peter Koppes – Desert Flower Bridge

3. Yulduz Usmanova – Jeli Jeli

4. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Rydeen

5. Bob Mould – Poison Years

6. The Pixies – River Euphrates

7. iamthemorning – To Human Misery (Chamber Version)

8. Khalifa Ould Eide & Dimi Mint Abba – Oh Lord, Bring Apartheid Crashing Down!

9. The John Candy – Tell Me (Galaxie 500 cover)

10. Gregor Samsa – What I Can Manage

Sewa Kaffo – Alinga Sewa

As usual, the best tracks tend to come from out of nowhere.  Take Sewa Kaffo for example. This Polish band combines jazz and world music easily, and blends traditional Western instruments with kora and tabla.  A truly engaging listen.